Our Office has Become Part of the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation

Our Office has Become Part of the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation

We are pleased to announce that our New York City orthodontics practice has become a participating chapter in the Smile for a Lifetime Orthodontic Foundation.

As participants in this nonprofit organization, we will provide complimentary treatment to patients who would normally not have access to orthodontic care- or at least not to the level of care that we are delivering, says Dr. Mark Bronsky, who will provide braces for children ages 18 and younger through the program.

We are now in the process of selecting a board of directors and will be taking applications for patients starting summer 2013. Our board will be comprised of general dentists, school counselors, teachers and other professionals in the community who will offer helpful insight into selecting candidates for treatment.

At this time, we are providing complimentary treatment to the patients from the New York Presbyterian Hospital Dentofacial Deformities Program as a beginning to the Smile for a Lifetime involvement of the practice. We anticipate that we will treat six patients per year through Smile for a Lifetime.

“We have been treating patients in need gratis for many years, but the Smile for a Lifetime involvement gives us an ‘official’ way to do so,” Dr. Bronsky says.

Smile for a Lifetime launched in 2008 with the goal of reaching out to people with financial challenges, unique situations and orthodontic needs. The organization sponsors the treatment of hundreds of patients annually, according to its website.

The mission of Smile for a Lifetime is to create self-confidence, inspire hope and change children’s lives.

“It’s exciting and rewarding to be part of this organization, which has an excellent track record of helping those who truly can benefit from treatment,” Dr. Bronsky says

For more information on Smile for a Lifetime, please visit the organization’s website: www.s4l.org.

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