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Creating A Great First Impression

Orthodontic treatment is all about precision and planning. Finding the most efficient path for the teeth to move to reach their new, ideal position, so that perfect smile comes together like pieces of a puzzle falling into place. What has allowed orthodontic treatment to become more effective over the years has been technological advancements that have allowed orthodontists to achieve higher levels of precision. At Bronsky Orthodontics, we are always at the cutting edge of orthodontic technology at our offices in TriBeCa and the Upper East Side, which is why we are proud to have the most advanced digital 3D scanning technology in our office, the iTero Scanner.

What Is The iTero Scanner?

The iTero Scanner is a special piece of machinery that we use to take highly detailed images of your teeth and bite before you get started with your orthodontic treatment like braces or Invisalign. The scanner replaces the outdated and uncomfortable method of using putty to get molds of your teeth that don’t always provide the best impression that we’re looking for when designing your treatment plan. The scanner looks similar to a wand, which we slowly wave over your teeth and jaw to start taking the images, all the while those images are pieced together to create a digital recreation of your smile. We then use that 3D image to map out the path that your teeth need to travel to be perfectly straight and create Invisalign aligners so that they fit perfectly over your teeth at every stage along the way.

The Benefits Of iTero Scanner

The most significant advantage that the iTero Scanner brings to our patients is the increased precision in treatment thanks to the highly detailed 3D images. With our orthodontists being able to work with a 3D model of your smile, we can make treatment more efficient than ever before. Beyond improved precision, the iTero Scanner also gets rid of the messy impression process that used putty and ensures that we get the perfect impression on the very first visit. The scanning process is completely pain and discomfort free, so the scan is ideal for patients of all ages.

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When it comes to getting your new smile, don’t settle for anything but the best orthodontic care available in the Upper East Side and TriBeCa Choose Bronsky Orthodontics for your orthodontic treatment and we’ll create the perfect, personalized treatment plan for you, so you can get the exact smile that you’ve always wanted. For any questions about the technology and treatments we use here at our office, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with us, contact either of our offices to connect with a member of our staff who will be able to assist you with everything you need. See you and your smile in our office soon!

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