3M™ Clarity™ Aligners

Smile Like You’ve Never Smiled Before

Here at Bronsky Orthodontics, we provide world-class individualized orthodontic treatment to patients throughout TriBeCa and the Upper East Side of New York City. 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners are a nearly invisible method to create a happy, healthy smile. The clear aligner system is custom fit for your smile—offering a treatment experience that is convenient and comfortable.

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Ready to straighten your teeth? Clearly, you’re on the right track.

Clarity Aligners gradually move your teeth – but without any metal wires or braces. Clarity Aligners treatment uses a system of removable, nearly invisible plastic trays designed to help guide your teeth into the ideal position and get the beautiful, healthy smile you want.

Treatment using Clarity Aligners starts with a custom, digital treatment plan that shows you exactly how your teeth will move and how long it will take to reshape your smile. You will get a series of clear aligners that should be worn for about one to two weeks each—depending on your custom treatment plan. It is recommended aligners be worn 22 hours a day, or as prescribed by your provider. The clear aligners are nearly invisible so you can go through your treatment and look good doing it.

Bronsky Orthodontics NYC

Living With Aligners

Clarity Aligners let you put your fast pace New York City lifestyle first. Unlike with clear or metal braces, you can remove Clarity Aligners when you want to eat or drink, brush or floss your teeth. These clear aligners are as flexible as you are.

Bronsky Orthodontics NYC

Living With Aligners

Keep up the good hygiene.

Removable aligners help you maintain your flossing and good dental habits.

Love your food.

Remove your aligners so that you can enjoy your favorite foods.

Enjoy a custom fit.

Clarity Aligners are custom fit for you.

If the idea of achieving your most remarkable smile with clear removable 3M™ Clarity™ aligners has you excited, we encourage you to request an appointment with us today. During your first visit to our office, you’ll be given a thorough examination followed by a discussion of your potential treatment options which could include 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners. We look forward to helping you get that straight and healthy new smile you deserve!

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