Ask Dr. Bronsky: Brushing Teeth With Braces

Dear Dr. Bronsky, I just got my new braces, but after brushing my teeth like I normally do, I noticed that there was still some food from my dinner stuck inside my braces. Is there something that I need to do differently when brushing my teeth now that I have my braces? Best, Basil Braces… Read More

Ask Dr. Bronsky: The Bronsky Orthodontics Backstage Pass

Dear Dr. Bronsky, One of my best friends has been a patient at your practice for a long time now, and they were telling me about the rewards program that you have for patients, I believe it was called the Backstage Pass. In fact, she bought me coffee using the Starbucks gift card that she… Read More

Ask Dr. Bronsky: Early Treatment

Ask Dr. Bronsky: Early Treatment

Dear Dr. Bronsky, My son just celebrated his 8th birthday and I am noticing that his permanent teeth are growing in a bit crooked. Quite a few teeth have yet to grow in, but my husband and I really do not know when we should bring him in for an orthodontic consultation. Please enlighten us…. Read More

Ask Dr. Bronsky: Invisalign Teen vs. Metal Braces

Dear Dr Bronsky, My son is a teenager and is likely going to need orthodontic treatment in the near future. Looking around at my options, I still don’t know what would be the best choice for my son: metal braces or Invisalign Teen. As an experienced orthodontist, what would you recommend for my son? -Concerned… Read More

Dear Dr. Bronsky: Summer Vacation

Dear Dr Bronsky, I just started wearing my retainer a few weeks ago and things have been going well so far, but my family has a summer vacation planned for us in a few months. I’ve been told all about how retainers can break and that they sometimes need to be replaced. What happens if… Read More

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