What Sets Us Apart

A Holistic and Heartfelt Approach to Your Needs

Our orthodontists and support team at both of our Manhattan offices work hand-in-hand with you and your family to improve your teeth, bite, smile, and overall systemic health.

We combine a holistic approach with a heartfelt wish to make all our patients healthy and confident to their core.

Bronsky Orthodontics NYC

No Two Patients are the Same

Nor should their treatment be! At Bronsky Orthodontics, we work closely with our patients, their dental professionals, and their families to design unique treatment plans focused on individual needs.

There are no pre-set formulas for care here. Custom care and treatment plans make every patient the most healthy and best version of themselves possible. We are deeply committed to your individual needs. We put supreme effort and thought into our treatments for…


Bronsky Orthodontics NYC

More is More for You

Our patients benefit from the knowledge and experience of our four doctors and an expert team. Each of our professionals brings a unique academic background and specific expertise. We also teach locally, nationally, and internationally while pursuing continuing education to remain at the forefront of our specialty.

This multi-doctor approach means you get the best of the best—at each and every visit.

Bronsky Orthodontics NYC

Technology Savvy, History Smart

If it works for you, we’ll stick with it. But we like to indulge our inner techies. So you get the benefit of the most cutting edge techniques along with our three generations of experience. Case in point: We are one of the first centers worldwide to use a digital scanner for impressions. How cool is that?

Bronsky Orthodontics NYC

For Every Orthodontic Issue

Every day at Bronsky Orthodontics, we go way beyond smile improvements and standard orthodontic treatments. Our doctors are adept at addressing dentofacial deformities and other special cases. We diagnose and effectively treat every orthodontic issue that comes our way—bar none.

  • Our young and growing patients often require Early or Interceptive Treatment to handle developmental issues including jaw misalignment and severe crowding or spacing issues.
  • Our adult patients with dentofacial problems benefit from our decades of experience in treatment of multi-disciplinary cases, often requiring a combination of orthodontics and orthognathic surgery as well as collaboration with many other dental and medical specialties.

All four of our orthodontists are highly respected in the industry. Dr. Bronsky has had the honor and privilege of serving as a faculty member at NextGen Face® Cleft and Craniofacial Team at Lenox Hill Hospital/Northwell Health Systems, the Mount Sinai Medical Center of New York, The New York Presbyterian Hospital /Cornell University Medical Center, and as a lecturer at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Department of Orthodontics.

As a member of these teams and teaching institutions, Dr. Bronsky has meaningfully contributed to the health and well-being of patients by formulating and implementing orthodontic treatment plans for people with mild to major dentofacial issues, as have his associates.

Bronsky Orthodontics NYC

Orthodontist or Dentist

What’s the Difference?

Orthodontists specialize in the artistry of orthodontics and attend years of focused training to achieve this distinction. After receiving a doctorate in general dentistry, an orthodontist must also complete 2-3 years of post-graduate training in the field of orthodontics at an ADA approved university. Orthodontists and dentists are very different as general dentists fix cavities, clean teeth, and assess oral health and orthodontists straighten teeth.

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Bronsky Orthodontics NYC
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