Orthodontic Care and Your Records: There’s an App for That

Orthodontic Care and Your Records: There’s an App for That

The American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session is a great time to search for new technology and treatments systems, and that’s just what Dr. Mark Bronsky did in May.

Dr. Bronsky strives to keep our practice current, and he felt like it was good to go to the national session in San Francisco, as well as the local session in New York this year to make sure he was up to speed on what research is put into practice as the most effective and efficient means of treatment.

“When you attend these national and local meetings, there’s always a lot of new things being exhibited, but one has to have the experience to figure which of them is most useful and effective,” says the Tribeca orthodontist. “It’s a process of separating what is effective from what simply is shiny and new.”

One area where we’ve searched for a viable solution is in giving patients a secure, convenient method of checking their appointments and viewing their records, as well as getting answers to frequently asked questions. Dr. Bronsky learned at the session that there’s an app for that.

The My Orthodontist mobile app debuted at the AAO Annual Session in 2014 and after a year of proving its value to patients, Dr. Bronsky decided to introduce it to our patients.

You can download My Orthodontist to your Apple or Android devices and gain access to patient information including:

  • Appointments
  • Account balance
  • Images (records)
  • Online questionnaires
  • Patient education videos

My Orthodontist also provides the following information about Bronsky Orthodontics NYC:

  • Info about Dr. Bronsky and our staff
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Practice videos and images
  • News items and RSS feeds from our website
  • Links to our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts

This is a handy app. Let’s say we prescribed a new orthodontic appliance for you to wear and once you got home, you forgot the instructions. You can access instructional animated videos from the app. Problem solved!

“This is an excellent way for our patients to directly and securely interact with our office,” Dr. Bronsky says. “We were in search of a solution that would enable the interaction while also maintaining our patients’ privacy, and we’re happy to have found one.”

You can download My Orthodontist in your App Store.

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