Which Professional Baseball Players Have Worn Braces?

Which Professional Baseball Players Have Worn Braces?

Do you know what time it is? It’s time to play ball! That’s right- baseball season has started.

We will admit that we are an office divided. Some of us are Mets fans, while others are rooting for the Yankees. Still others are fans of teams outside New York. The nerve of them…

Because we’re ready for hot dogs, popcorn and peanuts (maybe avoid the peanuts if you have braces), and we’re excited about catching some games this year, we thought we would take a moment to spotlight some professional baseball players who have had orthodontic treatment.

Nelson Cruz– Seattle Mariners

This right fielder wore clear braces while playing for the Texas Rangers in 2012. His orthodontic treatment paid off with a great smile.

Edward Mujica– Boston Red Sox

Mujica has been a pitcher for the Red Sox since signing a two-year, $9.5 million contract in December 2013. But he worked on his million-dollar smile while playing for the Miami Marlins in 2011. He could even be seen sporting Marlins-blue ligatures in some photos at the time. Way to show that team spirit!

Ivan Nova– New York Yankees

Nova is a pitcher who is healing from Tommy John surgery after suffering a partial tear of the ulnar collateral ligament during a game against the Tampa Bay Rays in 2014. While his arm may be on the mend, his teeth are looking fantastic, thanks to braces he was spotted wearing in 2014.

Ronny Cedeno– San Francisco Giants

This infielder just signed with the Giants. During his time wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates jersey, he also sported some metal braces that earned him considerable teasing from teammates and fans. Cedeno also is a former Mets player.

Alcides Escobar– Kansas City Royals

Short stop Escobar sent a strong message on the importance of wearing mouth guards while playing sports when he took a pitch to the face last month when Cleveland Indians pitcher Danny Salazar hurled a fast ball at him. Here’s hoping he actually was wearing a mouth guard to protect the orthodontic investment he made a couple of years ago.

Speaking of mouth guards, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Patrick Corbin and the American Association of Orthodontists partnered to promote National Facial Protection Month in April, and the importance of wearing mouth guards while playing baseball.

We hope all you baseball fans get to take in a game or two this year. And remember: if you wear braces or have finished orthodontic treatment, please protect that investment in your smile by wearing a mouth guard while you’re playing any sport where you might take a blow to the face. Let’s stay safe out there!

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