Honoring the passing of Dr. Arnold Geiger, 95

Honoring the passing of Dr. Arnold Geiger, 95

Dr. Geiger was a brilliant man, a dedicated professional, and a kind soul. I am deeply saddened by the news of his passing.

He provided me with a “home base” at the beginning of my career, and helped me get my feet on the ground as I started out on my own in New York City. I will never forget our meeting one Saturday after he had finished seeing patients in his private office. He insisted I have half of his baloney and cheese sandwich as we discussed a possible working relationship. Dr. Geiger stated simply that he had heard good things about my work, and that he and his wife, Ruth, would like to help me in hopes of someone helping their own kids in a similar situation some day.

Dr. Geiger never hesitated to give out “tough love” lessons, which have shaped me, and undoubtedly impacted the lives of many others. May Dr. Geiger rest in peace, knowing that he touched many lives by direct intention and by example. I know that he is now enjoying his time with his beloved “sweetie,” Ruth—his self-proclaimed soul mate. I salute Dr. Geiger as an icon in my life, and I will continue to honor his legacy forevermore.

Mark J. Bronsky DMD MS P.C.

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