Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month like a “Rockstar”

Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month like a “Rockstar”

Move over, Cupid. Valentine’s Day isn’t the only special occasion in February. It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month, so let’s celebrate!

Instead of exchanging sugary treats and love notes, we’re transforming our youngest patients into rockstars.

“As a part of our 7&Up campaign, kids ages 7 and older are eligible to become a Future Rockstar,” says Dr. Mark Bronsky, a trusted provider of orthodontics in New York City. “Our Rockstars enjoy some pretty awesome perks.”

That’s right. As a Future Rockstar, your child will play fun games at their visit with us, win cool prizes, get to know our team and receive complimentary smile assessments every six months from Dr. Bronsky. Should alignment issues begin to develop, Dr. Bronsky will monitor them and let you know when the time is right to consider orthodontic treatment.

No spikey hair or crazy face makeup is required to participate.

We’ve implemented this program in accordance with The American Association of Orthodontists’ recommendation for children to receive a thorough orthodontic assessment by age 7. Young, growing jawbones are malleable and respond to orthodontic treatment exceptionally well. Addressing alignment issues early through preventative care typically equates to a more efficient and comfortable treatment experience.

So, what does achieving rockstar status have to do with National Children’s Dental Health Month? Orthodontic treatment doesn’t just beautify your smile. It boosts dental health, too.

“The benefits of orthodontic treatment are many,” says Dr. Bronsky. “When teeth and the jaw are in proper alignment, it reduces your risk of acquiring a variety of dental health conditions. Orthodontics is advantageous at any age, but resolving alignment problems early sets the stage for a lifetime of good dental health.”

Misaligned and overlapping teeth act as a net for food debris. Routine oral hygiene practices may not be enough to dislodge trapped plaque, which often hides behind and between crooked teeth. Lingering plaque may form into stubborn tartar or irritate gum tissue, causing periodontal disease.

When teeth aren’t in proper alignment, it also places added strain on the jaw joint, known as the tempomandibular joint. Such pressure can trigger headaches and earaches, and may inhibit your child’s ability to chew and speak.

Teeth in proper alignment, however, allow the jaw to function normally. Wedged food debris is easier to spot and remove, and less food-borne bacteria in the mouth translates into healthier teeth and gums.

We hope you join us in celebrating National Children’s Health Month like a rockstar! Contact our Tribeca and Park Avenue offices to schedule a complimentary appointment for the little rockstar in your life. Rock on, kids!

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