Dr. Bronsky is Featured in NC Dental Review Article

Dr. Bronsky is Featured in NC Dental Review Article

The North Carolina Dental Review recognized Dr. Mark Bronsky recently for his work with the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry.

An article about our very own Park Avenue and TriBeCa orthodontistappears in the Spring edition of the publication, which is published twice annually in the Spring and Fall.

The feature is titled “Why I Give,” and it discusses why he donates to the school’s unrestricted fund for orthodontics.

“I made meaningful relationships with members of the faculty and fellow colleagues,” Dr. Bronsky says in the article. “In fact, the faculty at the UNC School of Dentistry has continued to remain inspirational to me to this day.”

Dr. Bronsky, who graduated from the UNC School of Dentistry in 1989 with a master’s degree in endocrinology and a certificate in orthodontics, donates to the school now because of the opportunities those funds can afford students.

“We all need to pay it forward,” he says. “By giving back, we can pave the way to scholarship and research opportunities for students. When they have more doors opened to them, it only serves to make them better practitioners once they graduate and go out on their own. We all should want that for the next generation of orthodontists coming along behind us. It’s about leaving a place better than you found it.”

Dr. Bronsky made the decision to become an orthodontist years ago as a teenager working in his father’s orthodontic practice. When researching schools to attend, he gravitated toward UNC because he felt intellectually stimulated there. He also found the faculty inspiring – particularly Dr. William Proffit, a Kenan Distinguished Professor in the Department of Orthodontics.

Dr. Bronsky and Dr. Proffit remain friends today, and he looks forward to meeting with Dr. Proffit in October.

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