New York City Orthodontist Knows When It’s Time to Brush

New York City Orthodontist Knows When It’s Time to Brush

For most of us, brushing a few times each day is a part of our normal routine. The habit probably hasn’t changed much since you were a child, and it’s a pattern that was probably set by your parents. Brushing is a very important part of your personal hygiene regimen though, and it’s a step that deserves some serious thought.

The American Dental Association has stated that the timing of your brushing is more important than the number of times that you brush each day, and no one would agree with that statement more than your New York City orthodontist. Whereas you may have previously been casual about your brushing habits, you’ll need to step your efforts up considerably when you have braces, and your timing will become much more important.
Brushing should certainly be performed before bed each night to prevent the plaque bacteria from running rampant as you sleep. Skipping that step and leaving the bacteria undisturbed for so many hours can put you on the fast track to tooth decay and gum disease.

During your waking hours, you should brush after each meal or snack. Certain foods and beverages can add fuel to the bacterial colonies that are found in plaque, leading to the production of acids that can destroy your enamel and your gums. These include foods that are rich in carbohydrates such as candies, breads, juices and soft drinks, and even crackers.

The spaces between your teeth and around your braces make perfect hiding places for plaque and food. Without careful attention and timely brushing, cavities, gum disease, and staining can ruin your orthodontic experience. By timing your brushing accordingly, you can reduce the amount of time that food and plaque acids can attack your smile.

Brushing isn’t the only way to control food and plaque. Your orthodontist in New York City might suggest special flossers, power toothbrushes, and antimicrobial mouth rinses for better oral hygiene.
For more tips and assistance in maintaining your oral health and your braces, call to schedule an appointment today.

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