Ask Dr. Bronsky: The Bronsky Orthodontics Backstage Pass

Ask Dr. Bronsky: The Bronsky Orthodontics Backstage Pass

Dear Dr. Bronsky,

One of my best friends has been a patient at your practice for a long time now, and they were telling me about the rewards program that you have for patients, I believe it was called the Backstage Pass. In fact, she bought me coffee using the Starbucks gift card that she got just the other day. I was curious about what exactly what that program was all about, and how I could switch over to your practice and start getting rewards too!


Bright Smile From The Upper East Side


Dear Bright Smile From The Upper East Side,

First of all, I would just like to say that we would love having you join your best friend as one of our many smiling patients from all around New York. Just give us a call and schedule an appointment with us, and before you know it, you’ll be a part of the Bronsky Orthodontics family and on your way to a healthier smile. And let’s not forget some amazing rewards too!

As our rewards program, you’re exactly right about how we call it our Backstage Pass program, since we want our patients to feel like rock stars, with exclusive access to amazing gifts for just being a part of our practice.

As the orthodontic experts in Tribeca and the Upper East Side, we’ve helped countless patients achieve their perfect, ideal smile. We know that the the process of orthodontic treatment takes a lot of patience and dedication on the patient side, from things like making sure that you’re wearing your appliances, or just maintaining a strong oral hygiene routine. Even taking the time for those important orthodontic visits with us can be challenging to make. That’s why we wanted to reward our patients for all of their hard work and commitment, which is where our Backstage Pass program comes in.

Our reward program is based on a points system, where you gain points when you do things that help keep yourself in good oral health. Things like showing up to your appointments on time, having no cavities, coming in for a cleaning, and much more. As you accumulate points, you can redeem them for prizes, such as gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, GameStop, Nordstroms, and more! To redeem the points, you can either talk to a member of our staff, or simply just visit our website and check out the page about the Backstage Pass program.

Bright Smile in the Upper East Side, if you have any questions about scheduling an appointment with us, our treatment options, or our patient rewards program, just contact Dr. Bronsky’s offices in the Upper East Side, or in Tribeca. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you. Thank you for your question!


Dr. Bronsky

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