New York Academy of Dentistry Receives Distinguished Award

New York Academy of Dentistry Receives Distinguished Award

A well-respected organization Dr. Mark Bronsky has held membership in since 1996 recently earned a highly sought-after honor. The American College of Dentists presented the New York Academy of Dentistry with the Ethics and Professionalism Award.

As a member of the NYAD, Dr. Bronsky collaborates with an elite group of dental and orthodontic practitioners to ensure standards of professionalism are upheld through the promotion of dental education, excellence in clinical practice and ethical conduct.

The Ethics and Professionalism Award is presented to dental organizations that exemplify a commitment to promoting ethics in practice, leadership, journalism or education. It is recognized as the ACD’s highest honor in this area.

“My colleagues and I at the New York Academy of Dentistry are thrilled to have received such a distinguished recognition,” says Dr. Bronsky.

The NYAD’s push to develop ethical programs began in the early 1990s when the Academy’s former dean convinced New York University and Columbia University dental schools to allow NYAD to participate in their ethics curriculum. NYAD’s efforts soon expanded into other universities, hospitals and professional dental societies. The Academy has also provided financial support to universities by supplying thousands of textbooks for ethical courses.

In past 20 years, the NYAD has benefited numerous lecturers, course directors and more than 9,000 dental students and dentists. The ACD referred to the Academy as being “most deserving” of the award.

Are these references to dentistry on an orthodontic website making you scratch your head? Although Dr. Bronsky does not fill cavities or perform root canals, all orthodontists have a degree and are licensed in dentistry. Following dental school, aspiring orthodontists must attend an orthodontic residency program for at least two years before practicing. The American Dental Association recognizes orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics as one of nine dental specialties.

In addition to the NYAD, Dr. Bronsky is affiliated with multiple prestigious dental and orthodontic organizations. These include the American Dental Association, American Association of Orthodontists, American Board of Orthodontics and the Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists. He is also an elected member of the ACD, which aims to “advance excellence, ethics, professionalism and leadership” in the dental profession.

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