Invisalign Teen Celebrates Six Years in July

Invisalign Teen Celebrates Six Years in July

Teenagers are constantly taking pictures on their smart phones, and selfies have never been so popular. A growing number of those selfies include glimpses of Invisalign Teen aligners, which were introduced six years ago this month.

NYC Invisalign Preferred Provider Dr. Mark Bronsky says patients often ask for this orthodontic treatment by name, because they love the fact that the aligners aren’t highly visible when worn. Dr. Bronsky uses his expertise to critically advise the treatment plan through Invisalign for the most ideal outcome possible. He enjoys his role as a positive partner with teens to guide them to a healthy smile.

Teens also love the flexibility to remove the aligners to eat snacks at the movies with their friends, and they are able to keep up with their same oral hygiene routine. Invisalign Teen means you can enjoy your high school years without much change to your appearance and eating habits.

Invisalign is known to straighten teeth by using a series of clear, removable aligners that gently move teeth millimeter by millimeter to their proper position. In July 2008, Align Technology launched Invisalign Teen with features to help orthodontists address their teenage patients’ unique needs.

Invisalign became so popular because the aligners are virtually invisible. The treatment was originally designed for adults who no longer had any baby teeth present. Younger patients weren’t initially considered to be ideal candidates for the Invisalign treatment because their adult teeth are still in the process of coming in, and let’s face it – teenage patients aren’t always the most compliant when it comes to wearing the aligners for 22 hours a day. But Invisalign Teen addresses that concern, as well as other aspects of a growing teen’s teeth.

“The features of Invisalign Teen motivate teenagers to wear their aligners for the appropriate amount of time,” says Dr. Bronsky. “Teens think it’s fun to see the gradual changes in their smile, and to have positive reinforcement from the compliance indicators.”

Invisalign Teen features:

  • Compliance indicators- Blue dots on the back of every pair of aligners near the molars. The dot fades from blue to clear after the aligner has been worn for the correct amount of time.
  • Eruption tabs- Dr. Bronsky won’t have to wait for all your adult molars to come in to start your Invisalign treatment. The tabs compensate for the missing molars by saving space for your teeth that are supposed to come in later.
  • Power ridges- The power ridge is incorporated in the aligner and designed to help move your more difficult teeth.
  • Replacement aligners- Teenagers are prone to losing and breaking things. You are provided with six free aligners in case one goes missing or gets damaged. Aligners can be replaced in just a matter of days so that orthodontic treatment isn’t extended.

Invisalign Teen provides flexibility and ease to patients who play sports or play an instrument in the band. You have the option to remove your aligners so your orthodontic treatment doesn’t get in the way of the doing the things you enjoy.

Contact our office for an evaluation with Dr. Bronsky to learn if you are a good candidate for Invisalign Teen treatment.

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