Bronsky Orthodontics Teams with Dentists for Improved Oral Hygiene

Bronsky Orthodontics Teams with Dentists for Improved Oral Hygiene

At Bronsky Orthodontics, we are getting the “rock rolling” in this quarter’s campaign, which is focused on improving our patients’ dental hygiene by collaborating with the dental professionals with whom we work closely.

Many people think it’s their dentist’s duty to clean their teeth, screen for problems and encourage good oral hygiene habits, while their orthodontist’s only concern is straightening their teeth – not the case.

At Bronsky Orthodontics our goal is not only to straighten our patients’ teeth, it’s to create a healthy smile that’s not only imperative to the health of their teeth and gums, but the overall systemic health of the patient.

You shouldn’t have to visit your dentist more than the suggested two visits per year during orthodontic treatment if your dentist and orthodontist combine their efforts to alert each other of developing problems so they can be treated sooner.

“Our patients tend to see us once per month compared to the once every six months they see their dentist,” says NYC orthodontist Dr. Mark Bronsky. “If we notice decay or inflammation we want to immediately refer the patient to their general dentist. This allows the dentist to conduct further screening, verify caries and initiate treatment sooner than if they had waited for the patient to book a biannual cleaning.”

But are orthodontists qualified to identify probable caries or infection, you ask?

You bet.

“Many people forget that before we become orthodontists, we must first become dentists,” says Dr. Bronsky.

Orthodontists are dentists who opt for an additional two to three years of training in treatment of craniofacial anomalies. Orthodontics is a competitive dental specialty that only a fraction of dentists are accepted into. While all orthodontists are dentists, only a handful of dentists are orthodontists.

With that said, orthodontists have the knowledge and experience to identify visible abnormalities, but don’t posses the type of technology in their offices needed to provide a general screening or verify caries. That’s why we routinely remind our patients of the importance of maintaining dental appointments throughout orthodontic treatment, and why we refer you back to your dentist if we see something that causes concern.

“As orthodontists, we have chosen to specialize in alignment of the jaws and teeth, but our goal is to help our patients achieve not only a beautifully aligned smile, but a healthy one,” says Dr. Bronsky. “That’s why we have made it a goal to work as closely as possible with our patients’ general dentists. Success in this initiative is us alerting them so they can initiate treatment sooner when necessary.”

We let the dentists and staff we work closest with know about our newest initiative with an invitation to our summer kickoff party. The party was a huge success complete with – you guessed it – good music. The rhythmic and narrative ballads of New York Blues Hall of FamersDanny and Jonathan Kalb were a huge hit. You can check out some candid shots from the party here.

“It was a great night spent with great people who have devoted their lives and careers to increasing the wellbeing of their patients,” says Dr. Bronsky.

At Bronsky Orthodontics, we offer orthodontic treatment for the whole family. Adults and children have many options including two-phase treatment, invisible braces, Invisalign and orthognathnic surgery for more complex cases. Call today for a consultation.

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