Happy National Teen Self-Esteem Month

Happy National Teen Self-Esteem Month

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard that smiling – even when you are sad – can boost your mood and self-esteem. But what about when you have a smile you are ashamed of?

May is National Teen Self-Esteem Month, and what better time than now to help that special teen in your life boost his confidence and health with orthodontic treatment from Dr. Mark Bronsky?

Teenage years are trying times. Not just for the parents worrying about their rebellious children, but for adolescents riding a roller coaster of hormonal changes while trying to decide who they are and what their purpose is in life.

What makes navigating teenage years even harder is low self-esteem. We combat low self-esteem every day with a tool that creates improvement that can last a lifetime – braces.

Braces have the ability to improve the following conditions that can interfere with your teen’s self-esteem:

Crooked teeth

Twisted, turned and overall unruly teeth harbor decay-causing bacteria, but are still no match for braces.

Crowded or gapped teeth

Whether it’s too little or too much space that’s making your smile less than stunning, like Bob the Builder, we can fix it!

Buck teeth

If there is anything that can reign in buck teeth, it’s the brains of Dr. Bronsky and the brawn of our braces.

Bad breath

Crooked teeth can be difficult to clean, which means they are more likely to trap food debris that eventually decays and contributes to a foul smell. A mouth full of straight teeth is prettier, cleaner and smells better, too.

Speech impediments

It can be difficult to properly enunciate words when your teeth or jaws are misaligned.


Smiling has actually been scientifically proven to improve your braces are strong medicine if they lead to more smiling – literally. According to this article by Dr. Mark Stibich, genuine smiles, which engage the muscles of the mouth, cheeks and eyes, release mood-boosting endorphins.


Consider your teen’s mouth as a window into his overall health. Because oral health problems are often indicators of other systemic problems, choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment is a decision that can have benefits far greater than improved self-esteem.

Worried that the look of braces and having to avoid certain foods will make your teen feel even worse? Don’t!

At our offices in Park Avenue and Tribeca, braces come in a wealth of styles including lingual braces and clear, removable Invisalign braces, which are especially popular among teens.

Lingual braces

Custom brackets are attached to the backs of teeth so no one has to know your teen is wearing braces. This style is also great for teens involved in physical sports, as they are less likely to damage their braces or incur lacerations as result of a blow to the mouth.


Invisalign is another form of invisible braces that uses a series of clear, removable aligners to straighten teeth. This style of braces is especially popular because they are removable. This means your teen doesn’t have to change his diet or oral hygiene routine – he can simply take his aligners out while eating or brushing and flossing his teeth.

Celebrate National Teen Self-Esteem Month with us by scheduling a free initial consultation. The benefits of braces are too great to wait.

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