What Can a New York City Orthodontist Do About Your Earache?

What Can a New York City Orthodontist Do About Your Earache?

No one likes an earache, but it becomes even more frustrating when you can’t seem to find relief for the problem. When you consult your doctor, you may be referred to a specialist. But, what are your options when the specialist fails to find a problem inside of your ears? Perhaps an experienced New York City orthodontist can help.

Pain in or around the ears, as well as headaches and neck pain are often the side-effects of a serious TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorder. In addition to the actual hinge joint that opens and closes when you eat and speak, the TMJ includes a sophisticated network of muscles that are responsible for the voluntary and involuntary motions of the head, neck, face, and mouth.

When the muscles and the joints are out of sync, you may experience pain that can radiate from your temples down to your neck. You may notice varying degrees of pain, popping and clicking, difficulty opening, and even a suspicious earache.

TMJ problems are sometimes related to how well your teeth fit together, and that’s where your orthodontist can step in to save the day. Using orthodontics to correct the alignment of your teeth and even address the skeletal issues that may be responsible for your TMJ troubles is the most ideal way to resolve an unhealthy condition and eliminate your discomfort.

Overbites, crossbites, and uneven alignment can create stress on the joint and overwork the muscles. These orthodontic problems can also damage the teeth, weaken your existing dental work, and contribute to receding gums and bone loss.

Orthodontic treatment (even for mature adults) is used to restore harmony and balance to your bite. It can improve the function of your joints and muscles as well as reduce the stress on your teeth.
To further investigate the source of your earache pain, contact an orthodontist in New York City today.

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