What Are Lingual Braces?

What Are Lingual Braces?

Lingual Braces

Our orthodontists know that a straight smile is one of your dreams. At Bronsky Orthodontics in Manhattan, we offer a variety of treatment options to help you achieve that dream!

Lingual Braces In Manhattan

Lingual Braces at Bronsky OrthodonticsLingual braces are specially designed stainless steel appliances, custom fit to the inside surfaces of the teeth. While lingual braces function similarly to traditional metal braces, they differ in that they are attached on the tongue-side of the teeth. As with traditional braces, lingual braces consist of small ceramic or steel brackets that bond to the surface of the teeth. Steel bands are often used on the posterior teeth to ensure appliance retention.

The braces alone do not move teeth; they are simply stable guidance mechanisms that allow wires and other elements of the lingual braces to gradually shift the teeth. Some tools used to aid in tooth movement include wires, chains, elastics, coil springs, and other devices.

Cleaning Lingual Braces

In order to keep your teeth healthy while wearing lingual braces (or even invisible or clear braces), it’s important to carefully brush and floss daily. Brushing all around each and every bracket is essential to the maintenance of dental health during the orthodontic process. Since your lingual braces form an obstacle to the typical flossing techniques, your orthodontist will instruct you on how to thread the floss under the wire at each point of contact. Extra time and effort with your oral hygiene will be necessary with lingual braces, as it will take some time to get used to these new techniques. Our staff will be happy to help you learn how to keep your teeth healthy and clean.

What to Expect

Utilizing our new/ultra-precise method of “Indirect Bonding,” placement of the appliances often takes half the time of previous placement methods and is twice as accurate! A shorter, easier placement appointment makes for an easier start. Patients can expect to experience soreness of the teeth and irritation of the lips and cheeks for approximately 1-2 weeks. Soon, the appliances tend to become “invisible” to patients. Adjustment visits are scheduled at 4-8 week intervals, depending on your individualized treatment plan. A patient can expect 2-3 days of MINOR soreness in the teeth after an adjustment as the teeth respond to the changes implemented. Speak with your Manhattan orthodontist to schedule an appointment or get more information about your treatment plan.

Visit Your Manhattan Orthodontist

The patient and orthodontist are partners in this adventure and helpful participation by the patient can make the process proceed as planned. Careful oral hygiene and compliance with all prescribed appliances can help to make the process a raging success. Whether you are interested in lingual braces, clear braces, or one of our other treatment options, please contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

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