The Dental Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment Explained

The Dental Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment Explained

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK- Did you know the benefits of orthodontic treatment extend far past creating a beautifully aligned smile? October is National Dental Hygiene Month, so let’s discuss how orthodontics can help your smile thrive.

Easy Cleaning

Picture a crowded and crooked smile as a web. When food particles enter the mouth, they tend to become trapped and wedged between misaligned teeth. Food and lingering plaque can also be masked behind teeth that jut in or out. This problem makes performing routine dental hygiene practices tricky and time-consuming.

Teeth that are in proper alignment, however, can make for easy oral hygiene. There are fewer crevices in which food particles and plaque can accumulate. By effectively ridding the mouth of dangerous plaque and associated bacteria, the risk of getting cavities and gum disease dramatically decreases.

A Better Bite

Misaligned teeth can place added pressure on the jaw joint. This can trigger headaches, earaches, bruxism and painful TMJ disorders. A strained jaw can also inhibit daily functions such as eating and speaking.

Through orthodontic treatment, teeth are placed in proper alignment and the jaw returns to a comfortable, natural position.

“Orthodontic treatment encompasses the entirety of the face, not exclusively teeth,” says Dr. Mark Bronsky, who practices orthodontics in New York City. “The positive affects of an aligned smile also are felt in the jaw joint, which controls a variety of important actions.”

Properly aligned teeth also help provide support to the lips and cheeks.

Gum Protection

Even gums enjoy the affects of teeth that are in proper alignment. A healthy gum line fits snugly around a row of aligned teeth, with no gaps or spacing that can accumulate plaque and cause infection. When gums fit tightly around teeth, the likelihood of developing gum disease or periodontitis is reduced.

Rarely do gums fit properly around crooked, crowded and overlapping teeth. Gaps in the smile also pose a threat, since they create a nice pocket for food particles to collect. In most cases, this will result in gum irritation and disease. Orthodontic treatment can remedy these issues and create a healthy smile you’ll be proud to display.

To learn more about the dental health and aesthetic benefits of orthodontics or to discover what treatment is suitable for you, please visit Bronsky Orthodontics’ Park Avenue or TriBeCa offices for a consultation. We would love the opportunity to address any concerns you may have and provide you with a healthy smile.

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