Ready Your Child’s Smile For School Through Dental Hygiene

Ready Your Child’s Smile For School Through Dental Hygiene

As we prepare to draw the curtain on another summer, it’s time to start focusing on the school year ahead.

We’re sure you’re concentrating on getting your kids ready for a year of hitting the books by stocking up on clothes and school supplies, but let’s not forget the items that will ensure your dentist and orthodontist give them all A’s, too.

The American Dental Association assigns as much importance to dental exams as booster shots and immunizations, in terms of back-to-school readiness.

“There is a good reason for that,” says New York City orthodontist Dr. Mark Bronsky. “Untreated tooth decay actually can interfere with learning and speaking.”

If your child is in orthodontic treatment, those routine dental exams and cleanings are doubly important. Healthy gums and teeth that are free of plaque and tartar are easier to shift into proper alignment, Dr. Bronsky says. Besides, why invest in a beautiful smile for your child and not maintain it with visits to the dentist periodically?

Conversely, straight teeth work to improve dental health, as well. Crooked teeth act as a net and trap food particles, so a straight smile makes it easier to spot and remove plaque with a toothbrush and floss. By visiting the dentist and orthodontist prior to the first day of school, your child can achieve a healthy smile they can proudly display in the hallways.

In addition to receiving an exam from dental and orthodontic professionals, load up on braces-friendly dental hygiene essentials to help ensure your child’s smile is school-ready. Soft-bristled toothbrushes, waxed floss with a stiffened tip to help weave under wires and proxy brushes are all great tools to oust plaque and gain a healthy grin.

Contact the team at Bronsky Orthodontics to schedule a back-to-school exam for your child today.

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