Dr. Bronsky’s Low Radiation X-ray Machine

Dr. Bronsky’s Low Radiation X-ray Machine

A proper diagnosis is key to determining the right treatment, and Dr. Mark Bronsky’s favorite piece of dental equipment helps decipher just that.

All X-ray machines emit a small amount of radiation. However, not all X-ray machines are created equally. With the ProMax, each film emits as little radiation as a five-minute cell phone call. Compare that to conventional X-ray machines, which expose patients to the same amount of radiation in a few minutes as you would receive throughout an entire day, according to one CNN article. Consider that the average day involves multiple phone calls and exposure to radioactive properties in sunlight and building materials.

“In order to give my patients the best care possible, the occasional X-ray is necessary,” says New York City orthodontics provider Dr. Bronsky. “X-rays with the ProMax use as little radiation as physiologically possible to capture a radiographic image. It’s the best radiation hygiene imaginable.

Dr. Bronsky became acquainted with the Planmeca brand in 1990 while studying growth modification and surgical orthodontics in Europe. Finland, the home of Planmeca, was one of his stops.

“I learned of Planmeca’s innovative technology and their ability to emit a low dosage of radiation, which was especially remarkable in that day,” says Dr. Bronksy. “I had it in my mind that if I ever owned a practice, I wanted to use a Planmeca machine.”

Our patients have the opportunity to experience the ultimate in X-ray technology. To learn more about the Planmeca Promax Dimax3 and how Dr. Bronsky uses it to provide superior diagnostics and dental care, please visit us for a complimentary consultation.

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