Invisalign® Teen

Invisalign Teen In New York City

Worried about having metal braces for Prom, yearbook photos, or playing sports? Our New York City patients love Invisalign® Teen clear aligners over braces because they are virtually invisible and most people don’t even notice them. And the orthodontists and team at Bronsky Orthodontics are Platinum Providers of Invisalign, which means they are highly skilled and experienced in providing orthodontic treatment with Invisalign that creates perfect smiles! Invisalign treatment involves wearing custom-made clear aligners that are molded to your teeth. As you progress through the series of aligners created for you, they are shaped differently so as to gradually move your teeth to their desired position. Invisalign® Teen was created just for teenagers with advanced features like a blue indicator button that tracks how many hours the aligners were worn that day.

Benefits of Invisalign Teen

Besides being almost invisible, Invisalign® Teen aligners do not interfere with your daily life since they are:

  • Clear – Virtually invisible in photos and in real life
  • Removable – Eat what you want, when you want.
  • Maximum Comfort – No wires. No brackets. No doubt.
  • Made to Move – They keep moving. Make sure their smile keeps up.
  • Customized – Smile transformation up to 50% faster with SmartTrack® material.

Eat What You Want

Our Park Avenue and TriBeCa office teen patients and their parents enjoy the freedom to eat (and cook!) anything they want without worry. Zero food restrictions. Eat all your favorites from popcorn to apples and anything in between. You’ll take out your aligners at mealtime and to clean them.

Worried That Invisalign® Teen Will Interfere with Extracurriculars?

Not only are the aligners removable, they are very durable. Invisalign® Teen will not interfere with any of your extracurricular activities. No matter if you are acting, playing soccer, running cross country or part of the school band, Invisalign® Teen will let you continue to do all the activities you love. And you won’t even need a mouthguard to participate in contact sports!

NYC Orthodontist or Dentist – What’s the Difference?

Your New York City orthodontists specialized in the artistry of orthodontics and attended years of focused training to achieve this distinction. After receiving a doctorate in general dentistry, an orthodontist must also complete 2-3 years of post-graduate training in the field of orthodontics at an ADA approved university. Orthodontists and dentists are very different as general dentists fix cavities, clean teeth, and assess oral health and orthodontists straighten teeth.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today!

Find out more if you’re a candidate for Invisalign Teen by calling one of our conveniently located offices and scheduling your first visit with Dr. Bronksy, Dr. Matos, or Dr. Equina. We’ll evaluate your orthodontic needs, answer all of your questions and recommend the best treatment option for you. Call 212-758-0040 for the Park Avenue office or 212-758-0040 for the Tribeca office today. We’re excited for you to join our New York City orthodontic family at Bronsky Orthodontics and get started on the sparkling smile you deserve!

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